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Teldat automotive routers have no limits.

Just three transportation case studies with Teldat communication platforms. They transmit the complex challenges that Teldat solves.

Teldat H2-Automotive+ in-vehicle router for Madrid buses.

The H2-Automotive+ is a multiservice communications platform for Teldat vehicles. It provides 4G/LTE broadband and Wi-Fi communications, together with redundancy and aggregation options, advanced network security mechanisms, and an extended operating temperature range. 

This project is composed of two separate phases. Phase one, in 2010, consisted of installing 2,200 Teldat H1-Automotive devices on EMT buses. Phase two, a renewal phase implemented in 2017, involved the routers being replaced by their latest version, the Teldat H2-Automotive+. Initially, the main objective was to make the bus network safer and more comfortable by installing a series of CCTV cameras (operated and managed from an Alarm Reception Center) throughout the bus fleet. To ensure a high resolution and real-time access to on-board camera footage from the Alarm Reception center, the buses required a reliable broadband connection.

In 2017, EMT decided to switch to the latest model with a view to increasing services. The client wanted to be able to add features, such as dynamic marketing and ticketing systems, while continuing to both provide connectivity to passengers and maintain the CCTV cameras.

Teldat H1 Automotive+ Makes bus travel more convenient in Sarasota

Teldat H1-Automotive+, is an advanced IP rugged router which transmits data, voice, and video while moving, on dual LTE and 802.11n Wi-Fi (client & access point) and permits QoS, VPN and GPS based location services, including Geo-Fence.

A North American county wanted to reduce the amount of cars on its regional roadways and encourage those travelers to use the transit company public transportation bus routes. As one of the plans to achieve this goal, they wished to make travel on these buses more pleasant and convenient for the travelers by offering a Wi-Fi service with LTE connection onto the Internet.
Another objective was having a second Wi-Fi network, so that employees
on the buses could use a Wi-Fi/LTE connection to the Internet for security and bus operation scenarios.

Teldat H1 Automotive+ Makes bus travel safer in Boston

Teldat H1-Automotive+ is an advanced IP rugged router which transmits data, voice and video whilst moving, on dual LTE and 802.11n Wi-Fi (client & access point), with GPS based location services, including Geo-Fence.

After the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), were given a grant from the United States Department of Homeland Security to place a video surveillance system on their buses in order to ensure security for the passengers, as well as for the bus driver. Minuteman Security Technologies was assigned this demanding project. They had to find an advanced router that could integrate with the entire video solution project and act as the core of the surveillance system.